[ubuntu-x] evdev and absolute axes help

Jean-François Dagenais dagenaisj at sonatest.com
Thu Nov 10 17:51:52 UTC 2011

Thanks for trying to help...
On Nov 10, 2011, at 12:39, Chase Douglas wrote:

> On 11/09/2011 02:49 PM, Jean-François Dagenais wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am using maverick,
>> I have tried for the last two days to do something which some X developers would find quite trivial I imagine. We have a capacitive wheel using the ad714x.c driver in the kernel. In my latest desperations, I have changed the events sent by ad714x.c so they are BTN_LEFT and ABS_Y so that it better matches what a mouse does. I am trying to make this wheel do what a regular mouse wheel does. OR even better, send a keyboard keycode (one for up, one for down), which I may do later by hacking the evdev code. But first things first, why I am not able to get this to work...
> I'm confused by what you are trying to do. I'm not sure I'll be able to
> help until I understand what you want the end result to be. If you could
> start out with a description of your device and what it should logically
> be doing that would help me.
Well, as you see from the evtest dump I included, I have a capacitance touch wheel. The events it sends out (EV_TOUCH pressed/release, and ABS_WHEEL position) is not useable in our X application. We want to map these movements to events our application can better respond to, like button events (mouse wheel) or better yet, key events, for example KP_UP and KP_DOWN.

FYI, the evtest says "LeftBtn" and "Absolute" Y, but BNT_TOUCH and ABS_WHEEL are the real events the vanilla ad714x.c driver sends. I just made these modifications while desperately trying to get some results.
> Thanks!
> -- Chase

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