[ubuntu-x] Turbulence ahead: New X stack coming to natty

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Tue Jan 25 19:32:40 UTC 2011

tl;dr:  X is getting a major update this week for natty.  Be careful
when upgrading the next few days.

Thanks everyone who tested xorg-edgers.  Feedback has been positive and
everything looks good to go.

We are currently uploading the dependencies for this new X stack into
Natty, as you may have noticed.  Our goal is to get it all in by
Friday for the Alpha-2 release coming next week.

We have already uploaded various prerequisites and dependencies.  This
includes major updates for libdrm and mesa, which are worth special
mention.  This includes improved OpenGL functionality, Sandy Bridge
support, and a variety of bug fixes.  For full details see
http://mesa3d.org/relnotes-7.10.html.  It also includes some changes to
ABI packaging which may affect other packages dependent on libdrm driver
packages.  Please keep an eye out for regressions in 3D functionality or
packaging issues associated with libdrm or mesa.

A variety of driver updates is also planned for the coming week,
including -intel, -ati, -nouveau, -synaptics, etc.  We're going to try
to get these updates in prior to the xserver update where possible.

xserver 1.10 will be updated probably Wednesday or Thursday.  This
server has a new server and video ABI, which means existing driver
packages will break.

The server needs to be uploaded first so the new drivers build against
the correct ABI, which means that there will be a period where safe
upgrades will have held-back packages.  The dependencies should ensure
that you won't accidentally get a non-working combination of Xserver and
drivers, but be careful if an upgrade wants to remove X packages.

We are also going to be demoting several of the really obscure/ancient X
drivers (apm, ark, chips, glide, i740, tseng, and voodoo; perhaps more)
that no one seems to use.  These will still be in the archive (for now)
but will live only in universe and require manual installation by anyone
that happens to need them.  If you particularly care about any of these
drivers, just let us know.

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