[ubuntu-x] New X stack in xorg-edgers

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Sat Jan 22 21:52:46 UTC 2011

On Sun, Jan 23, 2011 at 07:31:08AM +1000, Brian Hobby wrote:
> Installed natty daily build and updated to latest, added xorg-edgers
> and now have 3D acceleration on the i5 2500 with built in graphics
> on an ASUS P8H67 m pro motherboard.
> Occurred after the latest update of the x-org files.

File bugs using command 'ubuntu-bug xorg'.
Include [xorg-edgers] in the subject line, and a detailed description.

When the behavior is worse than previously in natty or maverick, that
fact is worth mentioning, as it indicates the issue is a regression,
which will increase the bug report's priority.

> Torcs occasional artefacts, playable

File bug as above, with photo of the screen showing the artifacts.
Run Torcs from command line and capture its output, attach this to the
bug as well, in case it gives clues about what is failing.

> Trigger seems fine as does Extreme Tux racer,
> Super Tux Kart starts up fine and then does some very stange things
> with painting the textures in; became unplayable.

Probably related to the Torcs gfx corruption - include a screenshot of
this as well, and also the output when run from command line.

> Games are focus as this machine is mainly used by the 7yr old racing
> game fanatic in the house.
> Suffering some x lockups occasionally but it is a step forward; good
> to see the new look on the latest CPU/chipset.

Good to hear it's at least improved.
With the lockups, those are hard to debug.  Apport is *supposed* to
capture the relevant files when it locks up and automatically help you
file bug reports.  Watch for if it does that, and go ahead and file them
(photos and detailed descriptions of problems are very helpful).

If Apport never picks up on the freezes, but you find they're relatively
easy to reproduce and you want to go through gathering the data yourself
manually, we can point you to directions for the procedure.  Let us

> Prior to the x-org update I got the look of the 3D desktop but no
> windows would paint in the desktop area - including drop down menus
> from the system area top right.

Thanks for testing, and for the vote of confidence.

I think we'll start uploading all the bits and pieces to Natty beginning
next week.


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