[ubuntu-x] Random i965gm crashes in the last two weeks?

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Wed Apr 27 07:25:06 UTC 2011

On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 10:00:42AM +0300, Timo Jyrinki wrote:
> Hi,
> During the last two weeks or so, X.org has randomly crashed for me.
> Before that it didn't. I'm wondering if other i965gm users are sharing
> the experience, and possibly already filed bugs, found upstream bug or
> something similar? Or has some ideas what could be causing it? I now
> filed bug #771655 [1] but since it's really random and "rare" (one or
> couple of times per day) without a specific trigger, it's quite hard
> to even search for similar reports in Launchpad.
> [1] https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg/+bug/771655

Yes, there is a i965 random / rare crash regression that entered ubuntu
apparently after beta 1.  Because it is really random and rare it's been
very hard to debug and it is not narrowed down.  Most people I've talked
with about it are having it maybe a few times a week max, so that's
really impractical for doing git bisection and such.

>From the dates of i965 bug reports, it seems to have entered roughly
around the time that we merged updates of xserver and mesa, however
there were a lot of other changes to the kernel, -intel, grub, and other
components around then too.

I've filed it upstream in hopes it was a known issue, but unfortunately
as of yet no reply from them:


One other i965 gpu lockup is caused by a missed write by mesa 7.10.1.
No patch available but suggests maybe bisecting mesa from 7.10.0 to
7.10.1 would turn up something.



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