[ubuntu-x] Tagging Xorg bugs (especially -intel)

Geir Ove Myhr gomyhr at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 05:18:03 BST 2009

Hi everybody,

Carey Underwood and I have independently been working on tagging bugs
in xserver-xorg-video-intel lately. We ended up using different tags
with similar meaning and we thought it would be a good idea to make
our discussion on how to tag -intel bugs (and possibly other xorg
driver bugs) more public.

We both agree that tagging a bug with the ubuntu version(s) where the
bug exist is useful. Others may think this is a bad idea. Our
rationale is to be able to easily find bugs reported for the current
development version. If a bug has been reported against the stable
version (now intrepid) and is later confirmed to still exist in the
development version (now jaunty), the corresponding tag can easily be
added. Currently, 113 of 267 open bugs in -intel is tagged with either
"intrepid" or "jaunty".

We also both think it makes sense to add the tags "intel" and "xorg"
to all the bug reports. Within the scope of this package this is
redundant, but many bugs originally reported for -intel may end up
being in mesa, the kernel, xorg-server, etc. and the tags would then
indicate that the bug affects intel chipsets and that it causes
problem in xorg. Besides, people often add these tags anyway. Current
status: intel: 133/267, xorg: 120/267.

The point where we diverge is for tags identifying the hardware on
which the bug is reported. Carey has been using the graphics core
(gma900, gma950, gma3000, gma3100, gmaX3000, gmaX3100, gmaX3500, and
gmaX4500, currently 18 bugs tagged), while I have been using the short
name from http://intellinuxgraphics.org/documentation.html , which is
what is reported as the chipset in Xorg.0.log (845g, 855gm, 865g,
915gm, 915g, 945gm, 945g, 946gz, 965q, 965g, 965gm, g33, q33, g35,
q35, gm45, q45, and g45, 110/267 open bugs). Of course, we both favour
our own scheme ;-)

Finally, a set of tags for tossing bugs with similar problems in the
same bin: crash, corruption, ghost-monitor, dual-head, edid, 3d,
video, compiz, resolution, suspend, hibernate, resume, hang,
performance are currently applied tags that come to my mind.

If this makes sense to the rest of you, I can write a wiki page with
currently used Xorg tags. For other drivers, the hardware tags would
be different of course. I guess for -ati one could use r100, r200,
r300, r400, r500, r600, r700 and rs690 (taken from

Any thoughts on this, especially the core vs. chipset question?

PS: As of last week it was easy to get an overview of all the used
tags, since they would all be shown on
. Now that only the most popular unofficial tags are shown, I don't
know how to list all tags used for a package, so I may have missed
some "active" tags in the above lists.

Geir Ove

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