[ubuntu-x] Intel 8xx gfx owners? (fwd)

Tomasz Czapiewski xeros at irc.pl
Fri Apr 3 14:08:00 BST 2009

>> Great success :-)
>> The latest daily boots fine on the 855GM laptop. I'm currently installing 
>> it.
>> Performance is kinda crappy though, but at least it's working so Hoorah!
> Awesome, thanks for the feedback!
> Too bad about performance, but yeah at this stage sorting out the boot
> problems / crashes is the top priority.
> Bryce

Yesterday's daily (Kubuntu) boots fine on the 865G based desktop, too.
EXA (with DRI disabled - on default) works without problems except bug #352760.
OT: Because of DRI disabled I've get 90-92 fps on glxgears with bot EXA and 

Overall performance is not bad - X/KDE apps are working fine but I 
couldn't enable desktop effects (tried OpenGL, I haven't check XRandr accel).
I've done some testing and I've commented on bug #328528 and I found something 
strange with drm modules and UXA.


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