[ubuntu-x] Ctrl-Alt-Backspace spec

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Wed Jun 11 22:12:22 BST 2008

While this spec wasn't on the agenda for UDS and while it's pretty low
priority compared to other stuff, in talking with people about it there
*finally* seems to be a reasonable compromise taking shape - that
instead of disabling Ctrl-Alt-Backspace entirely, just to insert a
couple seconds delay before it takes effect.

Anyway, I've updated the spec accordingly with this new design, and
would appreciate folks review and feedback here.  I'd also like to get
upstream feedback from xorg and debian, especially since xserver
currently doesn't do delays for special keys like this, but it looks
roughly feasable to implement.

Unless anyone has an objection, I'll add it to my todo list at a low
priority for Intrepid (unless someone else would like this xserver
hacking experience?)

Any comments/objections?


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