[ubuntu-x] Intel driver bug triage

Bryce Harrington bryce at canonical.com
Mon Dec 15 04:51:50 GMT 2008

Heya all,

In conjunction with the alpha-2 release, we're going to make a big
-intel driver bug triaging push.  This email explains the plans,
in case you'd like to join in!

As background:  Through Intrepid we've kept back the version of -intel
to 2.4 for stability reasons, while upstream has been doing a ton of
work.  Our expectation is that with the new 2.5 driver, a slew of our
existing bug reports can go away.

So this Friday we will be sending a bulk email out to 900-series Intel
gfx users to request that they re-test for their bugs.  (There's
currently some issues with 800-series gfx, so will deal with those

How you can help:  There's several basic triaging tasks to do right now
to help make the Friday effort more effective:

1.  Update bug titles to include the chipset prefixed:

  [iNNN] blah blah
  [i915] Some compiz functionality works on -i810 but not -intel
  [iG45] xorg crash in XAAPolyFillRect+0xe5 when opening kde3.5 apps on intrepid
  [i855GME] X crashes with kde-4.1.2

This will make it easier to target the re-test script to only non-8xx

2.  For bugs listing '[Gutsy]' or '[Hardy]', check if anyone reported
the bug as active on Intrepid.  If not, then open a bug task against
the appropriate release and mark the intrepid task Done.
This way, we can avoid asking people to do testing, when it won't be
appropriate.  (Installing the newest drivers on Hardy is too much work,
and of too little benefit for bug analysis purposes.)


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