[ubuntu-x] Hardy X status

Bryce Harrington bryce at bryceharrington.org
Tue Oct 23 21:15:21 BST 2007

Heya all,

The tree for Hardy packaging work opened recently, and so I wanted to
get some info out on where things sit.

First off, I've put together a Hardy X projects list for us.  If you'd
like to adopt a task, please list yourself as its owner:


Second, the Ubuntu X docs are in the process of being refreshed and
revised.  To date, most Ubuntu X info has been rather scattered and some
of it has not been kept up to date, so the goal of this effort is to
consolidate them and ensure the info is correct and current:


Please help add tips and tricks for triaging, debugging, and analysis to
the above page.  Also, if you have ideas on how to make that doc more
easily digestible (like, should it be split up into multiple pages?
More text?  Less text?) please share.

Third, the Merge-o-Matic is back online.  I've also updated my X merge


Of course, we need to get the new xserver 1.4 in first; many packages
now depend on this, and we'll need to rebuild most everything after 1.4
anyway.  There are a number of issues (particularly in input
hotplugging), though, so this may destabilize things a bit.  (These
concerns about instabilities is exactly why we held off on 1.4 and Xorg
7.3 for Gutsy.)

Xserver 1.4.1 is scheduled for release on Nov 11, which has many fixes.
I think we should get 1.4.0 in now, since we need it for making progress
on merging, but we'll want to switch to 1.4.1 as soon as it's
available.  For testers, it would probably be best to wait until 1.4.1
before getting heavy into testing activities.

At this time, the plan is to stick with 1.4.x for Hardy.  While 1.5
*might* come out around feature freeze, I think this is really going to
be too late to get proper QA done on it, and since Hardy is LTS I think
that'd put us in a rough situation.

Finally, we have some new graphs of our bug stats:

  (These latter two are new, so there's not yet much data)

We've done good work the past few months at beating down the bugs, as
exhibited by the overall down trend of the graphs.  For Hardy, one
triaging goal we have in the project's list is to drive the number of
New bugs to zero for each of these areas.


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