[UbuntuWomen] Review of Gabriella Coleman's Book

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Critically, whilst Coleman's hackers are keen to recognize the
importance of their own productive freedom, there is little evidence
of efforts to extend this push for freedom to those outside the
collective; there is little sense of solidarity with other paid and
unpaid producers in efforts to expand the space of productive freedom
that F/OSS developers are beginning to enjoy. Further, there is little
recognition that their efforts to construct their own productive
freedom have in fact been propelled by their very particular position
and skillset within, and offering to, the global capitalist market,
rather than simply their own exceptional ability to carve out such a
space for themselves. Indeed, this lack of producer solidarity and
alliance-building outside of the collective functions to restrict the
hackers' understanding of the limits of their actual productive
freedom as paid and unpaid producers of the critical infrastructures
that global capitalism is built upon.



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