[UbuntuWomen] Non-members posting! [was] Re: Fwd: [Blueprint community-1311-ubuntu-women] Ubuntu Women Trusty Goals

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph lyz at ubuntu.com
Tue Apr 15 15:56:30 UTC 2014

On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 4:21 AM, Alex Muntada <alexm at alexm.org> wrote:
> Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph:
>> We could change the contact to the @gmail.com account that we
>> have for the team which leadership has access to, but that pretty much
>> shifts the burden of replying to me and I'd really rather not have
>> that, I have enough to do :)
> I think that the contact form send messages to all team admins
> when there's no external e-mail address setup as contact. Would
> that work better for you?

So the options in launchpad are:

"E-mail notifications for this team should go to:

 * Each member individually
 * Another e-mail address

If you set up a mailing list for this team, you can use the mailing
list as the team contact address."

We could set it up to email everyone who is part of the team updates
directly, but that takes discussion away from the mailing list (and
has the risk of people feeling it's too spammy if it goes directly to

We could also set up a launchpad mailing list, but I think running two
mailing lists just so folks can contact us doubles the problem, it
doesn't improve it :) I'd rather work to fix our current list so that
it works for everyone.

>> I did like your idea of a trial run with turning moderation on for all
>> unsubscribed users and adding some more moderators, and it seems like
>> that has a lot of support from folks on the list. Even the most
>> spam-ful email list I've admined for Ubuntu (ubuntu-users) topped out
>> at about 20 spams per day and that was quite manageable for our
>> moderation team. Most lists I manage for Ubuntu projects get 0-2 per
>> day.
> I second that too. Having people volunteering to do the job, even
> if it's a manual job, is worth a try. Filters and moderation do
> work well together, so we can do both.

Exactly. I figure the moderation team could report back the results of
the trial so we have statistics about just how overwhelming the spam
queue is and take it from there.

svaksha - is this something we can get set up, say for 2 months?

Pendulum, valorie and belkinsa are all admins on other mailing lists
and have volunteered to assist if you need it (and again, please don't
read this as an implication that the current team is in any way
incapable or doing a bad job, we all appreciate their work, it is
simply an offer of assistance during this trial period where the
workload may be a bit higher).

Thanks everyone.

Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph || Lyz || pleia2

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