[UbuntuWomen] Non-members posting! [was] Re: Fwd: [Blueprint community-1311-ubuntu-women] Ubuntu Women Trusty Goals

svakSha svaksha at gmail.com
Mon Apr 14 16:35:17 UTC 2014

On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 4:12 PM, Cheri Francis <cheri703 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Prrretty sure there was zero indication that that is "what this is all
> about", and as far as I can tell, there have been *zero* "accusations of
> incompetence". Only "this doesn't seem to be meeting all users' needs,
> perhaps we can adjust".
> Personally, as a leader who is not seeking re-election in our next cycle, I
> don't think I qualify as "hungry for power", nor do I get the remotest
> inkling of that from any of the messages posted prior to this.
> Svaksha, you seem to be taking this as a personal attack, and in my reading
> of the past emails/messages, especially taking into account what I know of
> pleia2, that was not even slightly intended.

In that case you have obviously not bothered to read any of the
earlier emails. Your blanket denials come across as sweeping the
problem under the carpet and it isnt helping, especially when pleia
has apologised and I accepted it and left it at that. With regards to
the claim that we are not "meeting users needs" you have not explained
which need is not being fullfilled because in the past 8 hours this
list has 6 unsubs from women, and furthermore I have an admin who is
blaming herself for this whole fiasco - Do you even realise the number
of women that are being alienated here? How are these two situations
helping the goals of UW? My apologies for asking this but it bothers
me (a lot) that a project that is meant to encourage women is
alienating the very user base it is targeting.
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