[UbuntuWomen] UDS Diversity Meeting 17th Feb: Meeting Actions

Jono Bacon jono at ubuntu.com
Thu Feb 17 19:41:36 UTC 2011

Hi Everyone,

We just had our second Diversity and UDS meeting in
#ubuntu-women-project and I just wanted to summarize updates from the
previous meeting and actions gathered for this one.

Actions from the previous meeting and updates:

 * pleia2 and akgraner to flesh out mentoring process for reviewing
sponsorship applications.
  - pleia2 put together http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS/Sponsorship and
sent it for review, AlanBell and Pendulum said it looked good. It will
now be merged into http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS

 * jono to investigate reducing the 1000 char limit for sponsorship
applications in summit.ubuntu.com.
  - I passed this onto jcastro who filed
https://bugs.launchpad.net/summit/+bug/718794 and it is now fixed

 * jono to put together first cut of landing page for outreach campaign.
  - I put together http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/UDS and the team are
happy with the content.

Actions from today's meeting:

Here are the actions that we agreed upon today.

 * Outreach plan for next week
  * Monday:
   * pleia2 to announce it on ubuntu-women, cross-post to ubuntu-news
and blog about it
   * jono to blog and post on the Ubuntu Facebook pages.
  * Tuesday:
   * jledbetter to blog, tweet/dent, contact certain women she thinks
would be great candidates
  * Wednesday:
   * Pendulum to blog

 * jono to check if we can provide daycare at UDS.

 * jono to talk to press to ensure some visibility on the topic - pleia2
happy to do interviews.

 * the full team will talk to women in the project to personally
encourage and advise them to apply for sponsorship.

Thanks, everyone!


Jono Bacon
Ubuntu Community Manager
www.ubuntu.com : www.jonobacon.org
www.twitter.com/jonobacon : www.identi.ca/jonobacon

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