[UbuntuWomen] UW Wiki translations, We need your Help!

Melissa Weber Mendonca melissawm at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 12:10:34 UTC 2010

Em Terça-feira 30 Março 2010, às 23:27:47, स्वक्ष escreveu:

> Melissa , Welcome to UW and Ubuntu :) Besides Ubuntu's Brazilian loco
> team there is a very very very strong larger Linux community in
> Brazil. The same is true for Argentina. I've met some folks during
> their visits to India and most recently at pycon I attended a talk on
> the local community initiatives, one of which is : dojorio.org (I
> really liked this idea and wish we had something similar in India).
> Here is an Googles English translation page:
> http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=pt&u=http://dojorio.wordpres
> s.com/&ei=z7GyS7OtCIvYsgOAvqTMBA&sa=X&oi=translate&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0
> CBQQ7gEwAA&prev=/search%3Fq%3Ddojorio%26hl%3Den%26prmd%3Dv

Hi vid! Hi all :)

Thanks for the info! It looks really cool as a project, it's a pity it's so 
far away from me since I'm also learning python right now. I live about 12 
hours by car from Rio so it's not feasible.

I'm going to participate in FLISOL[1] this month and try to meet some people 
there who might be interested in a LUG or something where I live, since 
apparently there's nothing like it here.

Thank you all for your welcome, I've added my name to the translations project 
and hope to start translating this weekend. I see there's already someone who 
has translated the page to Portuguese - is there a way I can look at this 
translation? Since the languages are similar I could use some of the work 
instead of redoing all from scratch. 

- Melissa (unfortunately, not related to the awesome Melissa Draper :D)

[1] Google Translated pages: 

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