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> Hi,
> On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 18:51, Amber Graner <akgraner at ubuntu.com> wrote:
> >
> > was requested that I break that LONG email up into topics - Measurable
> Goals
> Thanks.
> > Area 4 - Mentoring Program - revitalizing then re-introducing program to
> > both the UW Project and Ubuntu Community members.
> *cough* I assume you meant to write "mentoring" :)

> yes Mentoring :-)

> Here are some
> ideas: First, we collect a potential list of mentors and the areas
> (packaging, art, patches, etc...) that they would like to mentor.

Agreed.  In addition to potential list - we will need to see what projects,
teams, etc already offer mentors. Why re-invent the wheel.

> Collate this data on the wiki and announce this on the Fridge. At this
> point in time it would be wiser to ignore the gender of the mentor
> since our primary goal is to increase the contributions from women.
> I'd like to assume that a mentee would go on to assume a mentor role
> in future. That is organic in itself.
> > Marketing and Resources
> >
> > Area 5 - Re-design www.Ubuntu-Women.com website [3] The information
> > on http://wiki.ubuntu-women.org/ [4] and on the website should reflect
> the
> > same information, just to make the website a bit clearer and easier to
> > navigate
> Actually not.

What I meant was to make sure that the information matched in terms of not
having opposing information.  For example - if the wiki's say Mentoring is -
then goes on to describe what mentoring is, that the website doesn't say
something different. - When I said reflect - I did not mean it had to be
word for word,  only that the information on the web page and wiki should
complement each other not contradict.

> The static html pages are intentionally less in number
> (hence less maintenance?) as a wiki was then (2006) suggested by many
> as the tool to collaborate and collate ideas.

Yes, but we don't want the web pages to become stale either, do we?  When
new people look at  the website don't we want them to enjoy reading the
content.  Don't we want people to look at the website and in one glance know
that we are an active, involved and motivated project.  Shouldn't the
website be easy to look at, and organized in a way that people reading it
will want to click on each tab/button/ link and become energized and
encouraged to become part of the solution to increase women's use,
participation, and contributions to the Ubuntu Project  - I am not trying to
take away from the AWESOME work that has already been put into the website,
but in light :-), of the new Ubuntu theme, with new colors fonts etc
shouldn't we look at that for inspiration?

Wiki's are a tool I am not saying that they aren't  - nor am I suggesting
that the website take the place of the wiki's.  However, what I am
suggesting is that just as Melissa updated the look of the wiki's in a way
that made me want to go and click on each thing - I think the website should
do that as well.

I could be wrong, web-design is not my expertise, so I will defer to those
who do those things - but I think we all have ideas of websites we really
enjoy looking at, and finding information on. :-)

I am not trying to create a mountain of maintenance issues for those who
administer the website - but just freshen it up a bit.

> Static, as *-women
> projects seem to attract more trolls. It would help to bear these
> points in mind while redesigning the website.
> > Area 8 - Presentation at UDS -M on the Ubuntu membership status on the
> > statics we've found - Part of Ubuntu Community Report Card
> Since the UDS has traditionally been held in US or the EU, I'd suggest
> travel sponsorship for women who are not located in those countries
> but would like to attend

Sure  - travel sponsorships for members would be awesome, but here are some
questions that immediately came
to my mind.

**Ubuntu Women Project - Sponsoring it's own Team Members?
Are you asking if we as the Ubuntu Women Project should come up with the
monies to sponsor Women?
If we as a Project set up travel sponsorships, 1 - how do you see the money
being handled, 2 - how would the legal standing of the group need to change
if at all? 3 - Would the project need to incorporate and if so in what
country, and how would the project as a non-profit be organized etc.

**Canonical  - Sponsoring Ubuntu Women Project Members?
Canonical is already sponsoring Ubuntu Women Project members who are active
contributors in the community - are you suggesting we petition them to do
something differently?

**Other FOSS (non-Canonical) Organizations/Corporations - Sponsoring Ubuntu
Women Project Members?
Not sure who does this as of right now - but if members know of groups who
do this - let's make a list of these companies/organizations and find out
what the criteria is for sponsoring women at events.

Maybe we can add Travel and or other Sponsorships to our long term goals -
and look into what all that involves, but we can certainly begin the
discussion and fact finding mission reference all this.

> Secondly, the possibility of UDS being held in various parts of the world.

Since Canonical is the Corporate Sponsor, we can see about petitioning
Canonical through the proper channels, to hold UDS in another places other
than the US and EU.  Let's come up with a list of proposed locations and go
from there.

Amber Graner//akgraner//

Just me Amber.

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