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On Thu, Jun 3, 2010 at 07:12, Kadambari Devarajan
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> I wish we had more such programs like these in India. I think I know what I
> can do when am back there. Using FOSS for such a program in India would be

Fwiw, something like this, tailored to city dwellers needs, would be
good for urban spaces too. Bangalore has CIS-India, but afaik, they
concentrate on research and policy-making and dont have any programs
like this night school[0] which teaches libre software to kids just
like FAT[1] at Delhi does. I find the latter particularly interesting
as its target group is specific --women and technology (and not only
libre software). IIRC, Gayatri Buragohain of FAT is on the Indichix
list and it would be great if she piped in her thoughts.

[0] http://slumdweller.wikispaces.com/
[1] http://www.fat-net.org/

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