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Melissa Draper melissa at meldraweb.com
Mon Feb 15 07:39:14 UTC 2010

On Fri, 2010-02-12 at 23:54 -0800, Valorie Zimmerman wrote:
> Hi all, in response to Amber's reminder of the upcoming meeting, I'd
> like to restart the discussion about our IRC channel, soon to become
> two channels.
> I would like to see our present channel, #ubuntu-women become the
> logged channel, and otherwise remain as-is.

This contradicts itself.

We are *already* a social-oriented channel, and as per the vote, the
social channel will not be logged.

#ubuntu-women is going to end up being like a foyer channel. That's what
happens when you split channels up like this. It is going where people
are going to come to by default, and hence where social stuff will occur
organically -- regardless of whether we try to move it on after the
conversation has started. It's also where upset people will land, and
upset people rarely take well to being told to stop being upset and go
elsewhere to re-explain the problem.

Moving socialising and consoling will kill the mood of those discussions
pretty quick, and I'd hate to see socialising stifled or upset people
turned away by this.

> I'd like to see our new
> channel be perhaps called #ubuntu-women-nolog, or perhaps
> #ubuntu-women-all. Thanks to vid for suggesting those names.

I'd like to see our new channel have a descriptive name that emphasises
its purpose. It'll make it much more obvious to those coming to it for
the first time -- since nobody reads topics anyway.

#ubuntu-women-project for example would instantly portray to the
individual typing it in to their chat bar, or clicking on the link in
their client, that it is focussed on project/initiative stuff.

> I'll try to make the meeting Tuesday, but my days have become very
> full since my dad, age 84, fell and broke his hip shortly before Xmas
> last year. He's in a rehab place now healing, but very slowly.
> All the best,
> Valorie
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