[UbuntuWomen] Results from the IRC Purpose Poll

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Fri Feb 5 15:49:50 UTC 2010

Hello Folks,

On Fri, Feb 5, 2010 at 10:13, Amber Graner <akgraner at gmail.com> wrote:
> The Option that was chosen was Option 3.

yay :)

> Thank you all so much for voting.  It is nice to see more and more of
> the team becoming involved in these process and meetings.

... the team has always pitched in, when asked! :)

At the risk of going on a tangent, would you be posting the logs of
yesterdays IRC discussion to the list and forums, considering that the
"log channel" votes came in today.

> I look forward to suggestions on the naming of the 2nd Channel and

here are some suggestions (with or without the hyphen):

0. uw-social,
1. uw-nologs,
2. uw-talk,
3. uw-chat, (sounds a bit cheesy but for the sake of exploring alternatives...)
4. uw-discuss,
5. uw-all, (as in, all are welcome)

I could go on but let me leave something for others too:)

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