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2010/8/26 Elizabeth Krumbach <lyz at ubuntu.com>

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> > On Wed, Aug 25, 2010 at 20:48, Elizabeth Krumbach <lyz at ubuntu.com>
> wrote:
> >> "Bits from the Debian Women project"
> >> http://news.debian.net/2010/08/24/bits-from-the-debian-women-project/
> >
> > ....and a mention from the DPL[0] ..yay!  I loved the suggestion for a
> > collaboration between UW and DW --since we are having a meeting
> > tomorrow, does anyone have suggestions for this?
> Leigh was there for their last meeting and I was able to drop by
> briefly (but it was during the Linux Picnic here, doh!). The subject
> of mentoring came up so I'd love for us to pursue that, it would be
> great to inform and encourage women from UW who are interested in
> packaging and development to check out the Debian Women training
> classes:
> http://wiki.debian.org/DebianWomen/TrainingSessions
> Plus to share tips for our mentoring programs between the teams. I
> know both teams have done our share of successful mentorships, but
> these successes haven't been widely communicated and I think sharing
> best practices would be useful.

Hi all!

I just wanted to announce that we are having a local (Italian) Debian/Ubuntu
Community Conference (DUCC-IT '10) in Perugia on Semptember 17,18,19.
For more information, here is the web site (sorry, Italian only) [1].

The reason why I'm posting this here is that within this conference, we're
trying and organizing a round-table about "Women in Open Source", leaded
together by women from the Italian Debian and Ubuntu Communities, to share
the experiences from both these communities.
Any suggestion about themes we could talk about is welcome!

[1] - http://www.fsugitalia.org/eventi/doku.php?id=duccit10

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