[UbuntuWomen] World Play Day Competition!

Melissa Draper melissa at meldraweb.com
Tue Apr 13 15:58:21 UTC 2010

Greetings all!

Following the success of our International Women's Day competition we
have a new competition!

Firstly, some introductory reading for those who are not familiar with
World Play Day: http://www.itla-toylibraries.org/wpdv.htm which is an
initiative of http://www.itla-toylibraries.org

A pivotal issue within computing cultures of today is the overemphasis
on boys and men as the primary consumers of technology. Children learn
by example and since the majority of media images consist of boys
playing computer type games and girls playing with stereotypical
princess type dolls; this contributes to the lack of involvement in
science and technology by our young women.

It hurts us all to have this subconscious of pigeonholing of our
children, and to help counter this for Ubuntu's community, we would love
to have a collection of examples of young girls (toddlers through to 12
years old) playing with -- and loving, and being encouraged to pursue --
Ubuntu. This would allow parents of girls to demonstrate that it really
is ok to be intrigued by the shiny screens, blinking lights, tappity-tap
of keyboards, and faint whirs of computer fans.

The girls do not have to be alone in the photos, and photos taken prior
to this announcement are eligible. We are not expecting any particular
pose, but we would much prefer candid shots -- they say SO much more. We
do prefer that the images come at a large resolution, in a standard
format (JPEG, PNG) and not embedded in documents. Please email your
photos (or links to flickr, etc.)
to ubuntuwomen.competition at gmail.com by UTC 23:59 14th of May 2010.

By submitting a photo, you acknowledge that it will be posted on the
Ubuntu Women Website under the Creative Commons
Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works [0] license, with special
considerations for use within the Ubuntu Women and Ubuntu project
(please see Photo/Model Release waiver). If you prefer that your photo
to be posted under a less restrictive license such as Creative Commons
Attribution [1] or Public Domain [2], then feel free to let us know when
you submit. As this competition involves visual depictions of people, we
will require that a "Photo/Model Release" waiver be signed for each
person in the photo. A parent or guardian of minors must sign this
waiver form for their children or charges.

There will be two (2) prizes up for grabs. One (1) prize will be given
to the photo that the community feels sells the "girls love computers"
line the best. One (1) prize will be given to a randomly drawn entrant.
Jono Bacon, the Ubuntu Community Manager will be drawing this entrant in
a videocast, and announcing both winners to the world on May 28th.

We will celebrate World Play Day by announcing the two winners. The
first of whom will be the popular voted Community Choice, and will
receive a Dell Mini 10n (or equivalent net-book based on availability).
The second winner chosen by random drawing will receive a Canonical
Sponsored Ubuntu SWAG collection that includes: Mouse- pad, Silly putty,
Recycled Ubuntu Notepad, Ubuntu pen, Ubuntu lanyard, Ubuntu pack of 3
pin-badges and 1 Organic Circle of Friends Ladies T-shirt.

Good Luck!

p.s: Please pass this along to as many Linux-using parents of young
girls as possible -- the more the merrier!

[0] Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 Generic -

[1] Attribution 3.0 Unported -

[2] Public Domain - http://creativecommons.org/publicdomain

[3] To be a valid entry, your photo must have a Model Release Waiver
accompanying it.

Melissa Draper

w: http://meldraweb.com & http://geekosophical.net

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