[UbuntuWomen] PHP vs Python

nuhaa cawan.nuhaa at gmail.com
Tue Apr 13 03:37:32 UTC 2010


not sure this is appropriate coz it's not ubuntu specific - asking about
this in the list but i'd like to try anyway ;)

the place i work in (Open Source Competency Centre, Malaysia) is doing the
benchmark for PHP and Python, that at the end of it, the report is going to
be published to the public.

i would like to ask for some input from both Python & PHP developers.

things we're looking at at the moment:
- speed
- scalability
- syntax
- .. your input here...

i would appreciate any help on this, as feedback from the community is much
anticipated for this one ;)

if you have any references, suggestions, please kindly provide.

OSCC - http://www.oscc.org.my
some report that has been published -

thx so much!


Nuhaa All Bakry / cawanpink
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