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Mon Apr 5 12:03:19 UTC 2010

[06:20:41] <IdleOne> Nothing like highjacking a email thread and
spinning it in the direction you want. For the record I don't like
receiving attachments in emails either and yes this entire thing started
out because of an attachment or two but it has evolved into accusations
and a power struggle. as I understand it svaksha is the official founder
of the Ubuntu women team as per Launchpad (correct me if I am wrong)
from what I have seen from her last nigh
[06:20:41] <IdleOne> t on this channel and then on the ML. I think it
may be time for this team to reconsider her position in the team as the
ML admin.
[06:31:22] <IdleOne> I apologize for my last comment about svaksha. I
did not mean to imply in anyway that she is not a good ML admin and I
take back the part about the team reconsidering her position.
[06:34:11] * etali1 is now known as etali
[06:34:58] <svaksha> IdleOne: I was ignoring your personal attack but
since you were gracious enough to apologize I wanted to highlight a
point. Has it ever occured to you how the above aggressive behaviour
plays a part in silencing women, especially new ones (and maybe older
folks too, i cant speculate).
[06:36:11] <svaksha> That its hapenning in a project for women is so
ironical that i want to laugh out loud. Actually it makes me sad instead
[06:36:19] * etali is sad to see the UW channels get heated, but thinks
this could be a good opportunity to document how things work so tat it
doesn't happen again in the future.
[06:36:48] <etali> s/tat/that
[06:37:25] <IdleOne> I am not going to respond to that. You are implying
that I am trying to silence you in some way and that I am being
aggressive towards you because I am a man.
[06:38:34] <IdleOne> I have made it clear that my position is I don't
like email attachments. Now my concern is why we can't have more then 3
admins on the list and how it is you became the person who decides who
gets to be admin?
[06:39:19] <IdleOne> I am going to have to defer this to a later time. I
need to get ready for work. Have a nice day all :)
[06:40:21] <svaksha> IdleOne: No. Your comment about power struggle is
odd considering it was akgraner who said "03:57:58 on < akgraner> I know
that - whatever - I'll fix it... but as the leader I should have access
[06:40:42] * svaksha was not talking of power at all
[06:41:01] <svaksha> IdleOne: sure, anytime you are ready to talk

I agree with the no attachments on the mailing list policy and I
understand how many do not want them either.

As for personal attacks. You are quick to point them out without
providing the context of what you are talking about.
I have above in the chat we had on IRC.

Now my many questions are
1- Who made you final decision maker on who is an admin on this list?
2- Is this not a team list? 
3- Should the team not have a say about who can and cannot admin?
4- What would be so hard about adding and removing admins of the list?
which btw I believe that the team lead will be a position held for 1
year and not per release cycle. Ambers term is for 6 months but I hope
she gets elected for another term.

My concern here is not about the attachments.
Also just to clarify I have no intention of running for the position of
team lead. I am neither qualified or interested in the position. I feel
there are many other people in this team that would do a better job then
I ever could.
I do feel though that myself and everybody else in the team should have
a say on who WE think the team needs as a leader.

Seeing how the ML is the official way of communicating the team goals to
the rest of the team I fail to see why the team lead would not have
admin access.

On Mon, 2010-04-05 at 17:03 +0530, स्वक्ष wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 16:02, etali <etali at myth-games.com> wrote:
> >
> > +1 for no attachments.  While I'm travelling I use a capped connection
> > to download my mail - every little helps :)
> >
> > I wasn't part of the discussion on IRC, but as for the admin thing, it
> > would be nice to know how someone who is willing to make a long term
> > commitment to helping with the list could do so.  I agree that  adding /
> > removing people every few months based on the current leadership would
> > be a bad idea (although I'm not sure if that's even what was meant), but
> [02:54] <akgraner> or at least I do on other mailing list I moderate
> but no worries - just delete that one - but can you add me as admin
> pls
> [02:55] <akgraner> you can always pull the permission when I am not
> the leader :-)
> [02:56] <svaksha> akgraner: admin where? on this list? if its to
> approve attachments to the list , i dont think its a good idea
> [02:56] <svaksha> akgraner: addin and removing admins as per the
> changing leadership will also not work. its not done on any ubuntu
> list i know of
> [02:56] <akgraner> no I am tired of the stuff I send being held up - I
> need people to open the pdfs as people we will be sending those too
> will need to be able to open them as well
> [02:57] <akgraner> so I thought it was a good test
> [02:57] <akgraner> but whatever
> [02:57] <svaksha> akgraner: as i said, put them on the wiki or on your
> server and link them
> [02:57] <svaksha> in your mail
> [02:57] <akgraner> I know that - whatever - I'll fix it... but as the
> leader I should have access
> The above seems like a suggestion that the "leader" elected for every
> cycle in UW will have to become list admin for that release cycle.
> Does that mean the Forums team, Irc team and other places will change
> and add and remove leaders every 6 months?  Later Amber suggested that
> it would be put in the meeting agenda.
> Seriously speaking, I cant be more polite when I say adding and
> removing admins as per the release cycle is a bad idea. I dont know a
> single team in Ubuntu (with leaders) that does it and I am not sure
> its convincing enough that UW being a womans team should set a
> precedent here.
> > having a wiki page for "So you want to help with the mailing list" would
> > be helpful.
> >
> > Even if that page just said something like "We aim to have three
> > moderators at any one time.  Currently, we have enough.  If one has to
> > leave, we will make a recruiting announcement on the list".  At least
> > then everyone would know how it works.
> That is how its done and we have 4 admins for the list and are doing a
> good job of tackling the spam bounces. Since they have replied to the
> list and everyone who wrote in has +1'd  the default "no attachment",
> we are not changing it.  Sorry for all these emails over a non-issue
> but I am tired of the personal attacks (just now on irc).
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