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स्वक्ष vid at svaksha.com
Mon Apr 5 11:33:53 UTC 2010

On Mon, Apr 5, 2010 at 16:02, etali <etali at myth-games.com> wrote:
> +1 for no attachments.  While I'm travelling I use a capped connection
> to download my mail - every little helps :)
> I wasn't part of the discussion on IRC, but as for the admin thing, it
> would be nice to know how someone who is willing to make a long term
> commitment to helping with the list could do so.  I agree that  adding /
> removing people every few months based on the current leadership would
> be a bad idea (although I'm not sure if that's even what was meant), but

[02:54] <akgraner> or at least I do on other mailing list I moderate
but no worries - just delete that one - but can you add me as admin
[02:55] <akgraner> you can always pull the permission when I am not
the leader :-)
[02:56] <svaksha> akgraner: admin where? on this list? if its to
approve attachments to the list , i dont think its a good idea
[02:56] <svaksha> akgraner: addin and removing admins as per the
changing leadership will also not work. its not done on any ubuntu
list i know of
[02:56] <akgraner> no I am tired of the stuff I send being held up - I
need people to open the pdfs as people we will be sending those too
will need to be able to open them as well
[02:57] <akgraner> so I thought it was a good test
[02:57] <akgraner> but whatever
[02:57] <svaksha> akgraner: as i said, put them on the wiki or on your
server and link them
[02:57] <svaksha> in your mail
[02:57] <akgraner> I know that - whatever - I'll fix it... but as the
leader I should have access

The above seems like a suggestion that the "leader" elected for every
cycle in UW will have to become list admin for that release cycle.
Does that mean the Forums team, Irc team and other places will change
and add and remove leaders every 6 months?  Later Amber suggested that
it would be put in the meeting agenda.
Seriously speaking, I cant be more polite when I say adding and
removing admins as per the release cycle is a bad idea. I dont know a
single team in Ubuntu (with leaders) that does it and I am not sure
its convincing enough that UW being a womans team should set a
precedent here.

> having a wiki page for "So you want to help with the mailing list" would
> be helpful.
> Even if that page just said something like "We aim to have three
> moderators at any one time.  Currently, we have enough.  If one has to
> leave, we will make a recruiting announcement on the list".  At least
> then everyone would know how it works.

That is how its done and we have 4 admins for the list and are doing a
good job of tackling the spam bounces. Since they have replied to the
list and everyone who wrote in has +1'd  the default "no attachment",
we are not changing it.  Sorry for all these emails over a non-issue
but I am tired of the personal attacks (just now on irc).

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