[UbuntuWomen] Mark Shuttleworth's comments

Flavia Weisghizzi flavia at weisghizzi.it
Mon Oct 5 10:09:36 UTC 2009


I really agree that what Mark said has been probably out of place. But 
to whom would like to leave the project for this, I'd like to say that 
we have to remark and underscore our disappointment, but fight in the 
same field.

It's incontrovertible that the male share is higher in IT, and leave 
means only make the female one lower.

I really don't fell myself inferior if someone say it to me, I do 
realize that someone is so blind to look at the box and not what box 

So my personal opinion is show that we dissent from any sexism and try 
to make the female presence stronger.

For example, Elizabeth Krumbach is candidate to CC. A girl in the CC 
could be a first step.



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