[UbuntuWomen] Vote for new mailing list admins!

Jacinta Richardson jarich at perltraining.com.au
Tue Jun 16 01:35:44 UTC 2009

Elizabeth Krumbach wrote:
> Hey folks,
> As mentioned on list previously, we'll be bringing on some new mailing
> list admins. Several people have volunteered (thanks everyone!) and as
> discussed instead of doing a vote in an IRC meeting we thought it
> would be more fair to put all their names on a poll in launchpad which
> will be open for 1 week:
> https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-women/+poll/listadmins/+vote-simple
> Anyone who is a part of the ubuntu-women launchpad team can vote :)

G'day Elizabeth,

There seems to be some missing information here.

a) how many new list admins are being sought?  Presumably we have some 
already, and presumably they have decided that it would be better to 
have a few more.  But how many?

b) Why is this a matter for voting?  I'm all for the democratic way of 
solving stuff, but on every other (admittably non-Ubuntu) list I've been 
on; a list admin asks for help, gets a few offers, and hands out 
passwords.  It seems that this list has been swamped discussing 
something that should have been less of a big deal.

c) Are the people we're voting for coming on as list _admins_ or list 
_moderators_?  We often use the words interchangably, but Mailman (for 
example) has two distinct meanings.  List admins can change subscriber 
information, change list settings etc.  Moderators can only allow or 
reject emails, and moderate list subscriptions (if that's turned on).

d) How - as a regular list member - am I supposed to guess who would be 
suitable to be a list admin|moderator?  If the issue is coverage and 
responsiveness then surely this would be a matter that is best 
determined by the current list admin|mods working out what their 
downtimes are and then discussing those with the volunteers to see who 
is best suited to filling in those times?  If the issue is anything 
other than coverage and responsiveness; then you'll need to be more 

e) How do I vote for more than one person?  Polling software usually 
assumes that the question is designed to only have one most appropriate 
answer, but that's not the case here.  If it made sense for me to vote 
(which I'm not convinced about) then surely I should be able to rank 
people or vote which multiple people I felt would best help meet the 
answer to a) above?

f) How do I find out if I'm part of the ubuntu-women launchpad team? 
I'm a member on this mailing list, I have edited the wiki, I use Ubuntu. 
  I think I even have a forum account.  Do I count?  If not, what would 
I have to do to be a member of the launchpad team?

I'd really have preferred to stay out of this whole topic, but if I was 
to vote on anything, I'd rather the call for voting make more sense.


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