[UbuntuWomen] Vote for new mailing list admins!

Elizabeth Krumbach lyz at ubuntu.com
Tue Jun 16 02:04:20 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jun 15, 2009 at 9:35 PM, Jacinta
Richardson<jarich at perltraining.com.au> wrote:
> a) how many new list admins are being sought?  Presumably we have some
> already, and presumably they have decided that it would be better to
> have a few more.  But how many?

I don't know how many we'd end up with in the end. Vid - did you have
a number in mind?

> b) Why is this a matter for voting?

We had several people volunteer. In my LoCo team (for instance) we had
voting for forums admins, mailing list admins, launchpad admins. It's
common in Ubuntu to vote for administrators for established team
resources, especially for teams without formal leadership like ours
(even in the cases with leadership, the leaders themselves are often
voted upon by the community as a sort of representative democracy).

> c) Are the people we're voting for coming on as list _admins_ or list
> _moderators_?

Vid said they were list admins in her first email, so that's what I
thought we were going with.

> d) How - as a regular list member - am I supposed to guess who would be
> suitable to be a list admin|moderator?  If the issue is coverage and
> responsiveness then surely this would be a matter that is best
> determined by the current list admin|mods working out what their
> downtimes are and then discussing those with the volunteers to see who
> is best suited to filling in those times?  If the issue is anything
> other than coverage and responsiveness; then you'll need to be more
> specific.

Good point. Typically asking these questions would be handled during
the IRC session when voting is done, but since we're doing this via
mailing list and launchpad it makes talking to the volunteers a bit
more difficult than just hopping on IRC. Still the discussion *should
have* happened anyway, with people asking volunteers specifics prior
to the vote going out but this was never encouraged. All this is done
for transparency, so everyone in the project is given a fair
opportunity to help decide administrators of their team.

> e) How do I vote for more than one person?

It's a very simple voting system, you vote for one person.

> f) How do I find out if I'm part of the ubuntu-women launchpad team?

These days you need to have a launchpad account to edit the wiki so
you probably have one, your launchpad account will be

On your launchpad page you can see what teams you are a part of, if
you're not, to join the ubuntu-women team log into launchpad.net and
click here:


Hope that clears things up.

Elizabeth Krumbach // Lyz // pleia2

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