[UbuntuWomen] New resources on the wiki

Melissa Draper melissa at meldraweb.com
Sat Dec 19 17:26:24 UTC 2009

Greetings folks,

I got bored this evening and tidied up the Resources wiki page

I had some difficulty with the logos text rendering, so I have revived
one and rendered the text to paths; it's up on the wiki in case you need
it. Originals may work with older SVG libraries, I don't know, but I've
added a link to them now too.

I've also wrangled the A4/A5 fliers in to a DL sized flier (my preferred
flier style), and whipped up a quick little info business card (they're
so much easier to carry around in case of spontaneous ubuntu

Enjoy, and feel free to add your own efforts and show me up. Go on, you
know you want to.

Melissa Draper

w: http://meldraweb.com & http://geekosophical.net
p: +61 4 0472 2736

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