[UbuntuWomen] Introduction

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 08:52:20 GMT 2009

Hi everyone, I've just joined the list after hearing about it in the
U-W IRC channel. While I missed the meeting, I read the logs, and I
have to say that I'm very impressed. Next time, I'll set the alarm on
my phone a bit more accurately.

The participants moved ahead where there was agreement, and set aside
important issues which obviously needed more discussion, in spite of
pressure to "vote NOW!" (On that issue -- let's not forget to discuss
the nature of the U-W channel, logging, and/or a "safe" channel.) I've
lead and participated in a lot of meetings, and really liked how this
one went.

I'm not sure Jono Bacon knew what hit him, though. :-)

Some of you I've met in IRC, either in U-W, or Linuxchix, where I've
been an active member for a long time - since before I switched from
Win95 to Mandrake, actually. I'm still not a techie, really, just a
user who likes hanging out with people a lot smarter and more-clued in
than I am. Besides U-W and Linuxchix, I've started hanging out in the
Amarok channels. After the holidays, we're going to go to work on the
Handbook, which is totally out-of-date. I'm glad Kubuntu and the other
*buntu project people are welcome here too, since I use Ubuntu with
KDE on top.

All the best,


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