[UbuntuWomen] On becoming an Ubuntu Member

Alan Bell alan.bell at theopenlearningcentre.com
Sat Dec 5 18:17:39 UTC 2009

Akkana Peck wrote:
> Alan Bell writes:
> [a terrific article talking about the process of becoming n Ubuntu Member.]
> Thanks! I understand the process a lot better after reading that.
> Have you thought about posting it somewhere more public, like
> the u-w wiki? It seems well worth keeping around.
I hadn't thought about it, but now I have I am cool with that, doesn't
have to be me that does it, anyone can. If it were to be turned into a
wiki article it would have to be de-personalised a bit (less me, me, me)
> I'm still not very clear about the personal wiki pages. Where are they
> (which wiki, which category?)  
> What do they generally look like and
> what sorts of contributions go on them?
Find people's launchpad profiles, there should be a link to their wiki
on them. Go browse.
>   If someone is wondering
> "Have I contributed the right sort of stuff that leads to Ubuntu
> membership (or do I even want to)?" where would she go to see examples?
> I know you said "Just put everything and don't worry about formatting"
err, no I said *I* didn't worry about formatting, which was an error.
You should use someone elses page as a template (you can edit anyone's
page and copy and paste it and change it so it applies to you.
> but I'm not even clear what types of contributions count, so it
> would really help to see examples.
Anything counts, if it makes Ubuntu or the community better. Helping
someone in pretty much any context applies.
> 	...Akkana

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