[UbuntuWomen] hi all

Miriam Ruiz miriam at debian.org
Fri Aug 21 07:55:37 UTC 2009

2009/8/14 Helen McCall <wildnfree at blueyonder.co.uk>:

> For a short time many years ago, I tried becoming a Debian Developer. But
> that was in the era of the "Debian Flame Wars", and I couldn't stand all the
> stupid, aggressive flames and bad language, so dropped out quickly. I have
> been using Ubuntu for the last 5 years.

2009/8/21 vid <vid at svaksha.com>:

> As you may already be aware, Ubuntu (as a community) is a lot more
> friendly with practically no bad language or flame wars. So you might
> want to stay here longer :)

Fortunately it seems that things have improved in Debian a lot since then too.


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