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Hey folks,

Full Circle #24 came out yesterday. In addition to being a double
issue for their birthday, this issue includes the second in our "Women
Behind Ubuntu" series conducted by Myriam Schweingruber on pages


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Full Circle Magazine - Issue #24

Full Circle - the independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community
are proud to announce the release of our twenty-fourth issue.

This month: It's our birthday!

... and a redesign!

* Command and Conquer - Cron.
* How-To : Program in C - Part 8, Create a MAME Machine,
 and Spreading Ubuntu - Part 3 and Inkscape - Part 1.
* My Story - Great-grandma Goes Shopping and Chinese Translations
* Book Review - Ubuntu Unleashed, three copies up for grabs!
* MOTU Interview - James Westby
* Top 10 - Best of Top5, 2007-'09
* PLUS: all the usual goodness, doubled!


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