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Michelle Hall michelle at qimo4kids.com
Tue Apr 14 01:15:32 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now, and figure I should get around to introducing myself.  I'm Michelle Hall, co-developer of the newly released Qimo distribution of Linux.  By co-developer, I mean, I have the ideas, essentially, and my hubby does the technical stuff.  I'm really a newbie at this Linux thing.  Thanks for welcoming me into your group!!


Michelle C Hall
QuinnCo Inc.
(863) 248-2924
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   dear all,

  I'm a new member in this milist. What great I can meet someone who have a big spirit to learn the new thing. This email has already inspired me to keep spirit learning ubuntu, especially about the programming on the Linux system. Someday If I have a question, I hope I can meet the answer of my question in this milist:)
  Oh yeah, I am Febty Febriani. I came from Indonesia. And now, I'm a student in the master program, Department of Sciences, Chiba University, Japan. I am a novice too.  

  Best Regards,

  Febty Febriani

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  Easter Sunday,
  April 12, 2009

  Hi, my name is Diana. I'm 61 years old in the U.S.of A. I'd never heard of Ubuntu before a few months ago.

  My son bought my other (younger) son a laptop, running Linux, Firefox and Ubunto --- all open source, I think (?) right? I'd heard of GNU and open source before and always liked it, yet was afraid of it because it's pretty hard.

  So, trying to learn while borrowing son's laptop LOL. I'm not really a big computer person, but not really a big M$ Windoze person either, so I'll have to learn some things in order to survive, I think.

  BTW, the son who bought the laptop for the younger son -- today, Easter, April 12, 2009, is his 30th birthday.



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