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Danny Piccirillo danny.piccirillo at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 00:38:18 GMT 2008

> How much more can they emphasize this? It's already in the FAQ, at the
> top of everything, in bold, and mentioned twice or more. And that
> section was there since about 8 months or more.
> "Ubuntu-Women is not about segregation of women, rather its goal is to
> integrate women as equals within the mainstream development going on in
> the Ubuntu world. Remember, membership is open to all and not based on
> gender alone." http://ubuntu-women.org/faq.html
> It's not like the name suggests a KKK-like klan or a man's club or
> something similar. Anyone who has a bit of current political knowledge
> would know, by now, that mainstream equal-rights movements are inclusive
> by default.

Nobody is saying that the team is *exclusive* to women, only that it might
be beneficial to *actively* encourage men to get involved.

Us "guys" (lol) are working on exactly that - getting lots more women
> involved in Ubuntu, and by extension in the Open Source community.  I'm
> kind of unclear on what you're suggesting here - that's what we're
> /already/ working on :)

Sorry my mentioning of getting more men involved with the team got confused
with my main idea which was supposed to be separate. The project would just
be a general effort that any Ubuntu member could be a part of not
specifically members of this team. It would just be a stronger push to all
Ubuntu users to get the women in their life (wives, girlfriends, friends,
siblings, mothers, other family, etc) to use and get active in ubuntu
through whatever means. Corny sample e-cards or whatever. I mean i'm not
sure exactly how it would work, i brought up the idea so that we could build
on it. It would certainly involve calling out to LoCo teams to pass on a
message to their members encouraging them to reach out to more women.
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