[UbuntuWomen] Just an idea

Leigh Honeywell leigh at hypatia.ca
Sat Jan 12 23:51:43 UTC 2008

Excuse the crappy quoting and messed up headers, but this message
prompted me to finally subscribe to this list so I don't have the
original to reply to.


Us "guys" (lol) are working on exactly that - getting lots more women
involved in Ubuntu, and by extension in the Open Source community.  I'm
kind of unclear on what you're suggesting here - that's what we're
/already/ working on :)

I think it might be worth making explicit in the FAQ that men are
welcome to be involved in the project.  But that may be a different
discussion better suited to an IRC meeting.


> Danny Piccirillo wrote:
Okay so you guys are missing my main idea here :) I think we can conclude
that Ubuntu Women is a fine name and it's not worth changing. The idea
of a name change was just to get more men involved but i think just
actively saying that men are encouraged to join should be enough.

What do you think about the project to reach out to even more women?
Since guys make up over 95% of the Ubuntu community, it makes sense to
have a project that they can easily be a part of. I'd like to see Ubuntu
reach a point where there are as many women as men using and working
on Ubuntu.  I think something like this could bring us closer to that.

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