[UbuntuWomen] new to the list, introduction

Caroline Ford caroline.ford.work at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 6 14:40:44 UTC 2008

2008/8/5 ronia <ronia at 23bit.net>:
> Hello everybody,
> my name is Ragni, and I'd like to contribute to the Ubuntu project. So
> far I haven't, but I'd like to give something back to a project that has
> changed and improved my life in so many ways.
> During my theoretical and practical education as a journalist, a friend
> introduced me to Ubuntu in 2005, when I was sick of an
> almost-monopoly-OS we all know. It opened a whole new world to me,
> giving me real and easier accessible control to my computer. Some
> misconfiguring and X11-trashing was involved, of course. But I started
> to understand more about how things work, and found this to be
> encouraging. After finishing my journalism studies I started to take
> courses in Computer Science at a distance teaching university in Germany.
> Being a queer feminist activist and a tech interested person at the same
> time, I hope to learn from the Ubuntu Women Mentoring, and give
> something back.
> My personal strengths:
> - Journalism, PR and Teaching
> - Organizing events
> - Writing, Video and Audio planning, editing and producing
> - German (native), English, Norwegian
> What I want to learn/ am learning:
> - Technical Editing
> - Programming
> It would be great, if you had some advice for me, where to start, whom
> to contact, how to get involved and what standards to follow.
> Thank you for your attention!
> Best regards,
> Ragni

If you want to use your writing skills there is a documentation team
(but I don't know whether they work in English and then translate).
The German loco team should do PR, but I have no idea how female
friendly (and homophobic) it is. Unfortunately there are lot of jerks
out there.

Translation is done in various places - in Ubuntu and upstream. Ubuntu
translation teams generally don't send their translations to upstreams
which creates lots of bad feeling.

If you want to learn programming we don't do that much here. Upstreams
write the code, find a program you like and get involved? The
atmosphere in each program varies - there seem to be quite a few women
in KDE and the stuff I do (tux4kids) is fine. However some places will
be hostile - to newcomers, to women and to non straight people. You
find a group you like really.


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