[UbuntuWomen] Women learn more slowly, or can't learn, about computer science?

Silvia Bindelli silvia.bindelli at gmail.com
Thu Apr 3 20:43:26 UTC 2008

Hi Ryan.
	I'm a computer science engineering student. Next April 24th I will get my 
master degree, on time, together with many male friends who entered 
university when I did. It did not take more time for me than for my male 

To answer your questions:

> Is that an experience others have had?

No never. I used to tutor first year students in a computer science class, but 
girls and boys seemed equally comfortable with me.

> Are   
> many young women intimidated by their male peers? 

I can only speak for myself, but I have never been.

> Is the opinion that women 
> need to be treated differently in computer science education widespread?

I have been treated exactly as any other student, and I'm reaching the same 
results at the same time.

> What should I do in the future if confronted with the same attitude?

I agree with Meg, you should explain that you don't think there is any 
difference in helping a woman or a man.


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