[UbuntuWomen] Use full real name policy

Vid Ayer svaksha at gmail.com
Sat Sep 15 18:27:31 BST 2007

Hi Sarah,

On 9/15/07, Sarah Hobbs <hobbsee at kubuntu.org> wrote:
> In the last few months, i've been getting harrassed from my real name on
> my IRC client, and my real name / picture on launchpad.  I've

I experienced it too but I avoid pasting my mug online.

> subsequently changed my real name on IRC, where the harassment has
> dropped to close to 0.  Hooray!  I also changed my launchpad picture,
> but not the real name.

This has been discussed on the LP list earlier and here too and
frankly I have nothing new to add to the topic.... but I would prefer
not to plaster the web with personal stuff.

> I spoke to Matt Revell (Communications guy for launchpad) about this
> issue - and told him quite bluntly about the fact that if I got
> harassment due to having the real name in launchpad, i'd change that too
> - - to hell with the beta testers requiring a real name for participation.

Heh :) I was rejected too when I didnt sign the real name agreement.
So I sent a polite "Thanks but no thanks, I prefer using a nick
online" reply. Frankly, its not worth my time to get harassed for what
is essentially free labour. Its impossible to stop harassment online
(heck, it occurs in real life too) and I dont need to waste my time
fighting that.

> Notes:
> 1) I never signed the real name agreement anyway, i was in the beta team
> before that point - so I'm unsure if the requirements apply to me anyway
> 2) The powers that be are aware that the hiding of a real name is not
> the ideal way to solve the issue - it's a workaround, not a solution -

If women choose to not test LP due to the name policy, its Ubuntu's
loss... if they want real names as opposed to technical feedback, then
so be it.


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