[UbuntuWomen] This link should make everyone happy

Ursula A. Kallio uak at nerp.net
Sat Sep 8 04:11:03 BST 2007

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. While I agree that the blog post is 
distasteful and unrepresentative of the Ubuntu community, I disagree that 
a corporation should have control over--here in the form of a monetary 
disincentive--my opinions on a personal blog. The same goes for mister 

Perhaps in this situation, an "inappropriate content" e-mail to LinkedIn 
is more in order because it is a site intended for professional job 
seekers and that link probably does not meet their standards of 

On Fri, 7 Sep 2007, Jennifer Redman wrote:
> The best way to make this clear is through economic ramifications.
> So the message to Accenture is -- you provide technical consulting, I happen
> to be in a position that is likely to either 1) recommend a consulting
> company or 2) work with one of your consultants, but hey guess what -- one
> of your employees has no problem making publicly sexist remarks,  I think
> I'll go with a company that chooses to hire people who don't make these
> sorts of statements.


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