[UbuntuWomen] This link should make everyone happy

Jennifer Redman jenred at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 21:51:31 BST 2007

> At least some of the comments were good.
And it fell of the hot-list pretty quickly, both good things.  However,
these sorts of posts should have ramifications particularly when  the poster
is an employee of an organization like Accenture:


Which claims as one of its values (from the Accenture Webpage):

Respect for the Individual
Valuing diversity, ensuring an interesting and
inclusive environment and treating people as
we would like to be treated ourselves.

The Chief Human Resources Officer at Accenture is:


Here is her email:  jill.b.smart at accenture.com

note:  If you do email her,  remember to be polite and business-like.

At some point all of us has the potential to be in a position to determine
whether or not to hire a company like Accenture for consulting.

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