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My name is Molly Crowley, and I am primarily a website designer in
Philadelphia PA, although I also work as an associate with a project called
Rubia, as a professional and artistic photographer, and on projects related
to Visual Anthropology. My formal education is in Visual Anthropology and
fine art, so I come from an unusual background to be working with
computers.  Some of my knowledge was learned by necessity and after the
first glimpse into the potential of computer programming, I was hooked.

I recently presented at the University of Manchester, "Rediscovering
Afghanistan through the crossroads of new and old media" I am intrigued by
the potential for accessible computers to create informal learning
environments. One of my interest in computers relates to the interactions
with users (the "social life"of a computer) and the potential for
information distribution.

I started working with open source software, earlier this year and I am
thrilled with the results. Philosophically open source licensing agreements
are a good match to my personal thoughts on the matters of distribution and
accessibility. I work with a lot of small business operations and non-profit
organizations, for whom low cost technology solutions are imperative to

I currently have Ubuntu running on my laptop, a Toshiba portege 3490ct.  The
program I most frequently use in website cms systems is Joomla! also a open
source project.

I am glad to have found ubuntu-women, and look forward to the future

Molly Crowley
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