[UbuntuWomen] Here I am

Selene Lee 1024kb at 163.com
Fri Nov 16 00:06:30 UTC 2007

Hi Silvia,


I am a new member of the Ubuntu community too since not so long ago
(about one month), at the moment i am studying packaging. Just want to
find someone who can study together...:-), i feel that i am learning
kind of slow, so i wish that i could communicate with the new members.
Because we may meet the same difficulties as a new member, or have the
same interest in the same aspect. :-) 

Best regards,

> Hi to everyone!
> I'm Silvia Bindelli, and I'm an Italian student in computer science.
> I've been using Linux for 4 years, and at the moment I'm using Kubuntu Gutsy. 
> I'm a java and C programmer, but I'm most interested in giving my contribution 
> in other fields, such as documentation, translations, and I'm quite 
> interested in accessibility issues too.
> I developed a couple of open-source software, available for download on 
> sourceforge.net .
> I hope to be useful, somehow.
> Greetings,
> Silvia

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