[UbuntuWomen] Here I am

Miriam Ruiz little.miry at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 01:20:15 UTC 2007

2007/11/16, Selene Lee <1024kb at 163.com>:
> I am a new member of the Ubuntu community too since not so long ago
> (about one month), at the moment i am studying packaging. Just want to
> find someone who can study together...:-), i feel that i am learning
> kind of slow, so i wish that i could communicate with the new members.
> Because we may meet the same difficulties as a new member, or have the
> same interest in the same aspect. :-)

Some time ago we had some mentoring program targeted to women in
Debian Women. It could be interesting to do something like that for
Ubuntu too. I was preparing a course on package maintenance for
LinuxChix, but as I have recently changed job/city/country I haven't
been able to organize it properly yet. In any case, I'd really love to
help whoever wants to learn package maintenance, so feel free to ask
whatever you want :)


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