[UbuntuWomen] Suggestions for OSS project participants?

Vid Ayer svaksha at gmail.com
Sat Mar 17 08:08:34 UTC 2007

Hi Meg,

On 3/16/07, Meg Kurdziolek <meg.kurdziolek at gmail.com> wrote:
> I think there is a lot of hidden talent in our group, but we just haven't
> found the appropriate outlet for it. Talking about myself specifically, I'm
> a CS major with programming background in C, C++, and Java. Have a need for
> anyone like that? I've never participated in a FOSS project before, so I'd
> need a lot of mentoring and tutoring at first about how things are done.
> I think for a lot of people (not just women) its hard to find a place to
> start.

Right.... at first its more about tackling the fear of goofing up and
being ridiculed/pulled up for it publicly, That fear keeps most people
away which is where  mentoring in UW steps in. If you see anything
that needs to be worked on, just ask here or feel free to contact
people (offlist if you wish) specifying the task/area you are
interested in working on. They will point out resources that can get
things moving.

We *dont* expect perfection or expertise in anything.... we are just
happy that you took the time to help us out!

If anyone is apprehensive about using their real identities online
(what if a recruiter googles and finds out that newbie query posted 5
years ago?) they can use a nick. The downside is getting credit for
the work you have done.

Hope that helps!

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