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We are a group of activist researchers very keen on new technologies applied
to the Information and Comunication (ICT) fields. We are from barcelona
(catalonia) and for a long time, we have been asking ourselves what is going
on with women and ICT, why there are not loads of women involved in ICT and
what those already involved are actually doing. That's why we need your help
and input. We would like to know what enabled you to have acces to the ICT,
what are you currently doing and what do you expect to develop in the
future. From your answers we might find some clues to open up this world to
many other women. Do you fancy contributing to the challenge ? We propose
you some questions, answering them will not take you more than 20 minutes.
In this survey you will find some closed questions where you should mark the
answers with an "X" and some open ones where you should write down your

You can find it in the english version: http://www.donestech.net/?q=node/103

the website of the project is there: www.donestech.net

Please click here <http://www.donestech.net/?q=send/send/103> if you want to
make it known to friends, colleagues and people you think might be

Thanks for your contribution!!

Alexandra haché/DonesTech
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