[UbuntuWomen] An introduction...!

Yolynne Medina yolynne at gmail.com
Sun Feb 4 15:55:26 UTC 2007

Hi there Stephanie...

I'm using kubuntu on my laptop too.. but uses edubuntu on my office machine.
It is nice to know people from the media field getting interested in FOSS.

Ubuntu really contributed a lot in getting converts.

love lots,

On 2/3/07, Stephanie Johnson <princess_pikachu at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Hey there, I just joined and thought I would introduce myself.  ^_^  My
> name
> is Stephanie, and I'm a 23-year-old geek-chick in Montana.   I'm a
> university student currently, majoring in filmmaking (and also seriously
> studying Japanese) but if all goes well this will be my last semester and
> then I head out into "the real world".  Heh.
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