[UbuntuWomen] An introduction...!

Stephanie Johnson princess_pikachu at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 4 02:25:28 UTC 2007

Hey there, I just joined and thought I would introduce myself.  ^_^  My name 
is Stephanie, and I'm a 23-year-old geek-chick in Montana.   I'm a 
university student currently, majoring in filmmaking (and also seriously 
studying Japanese) but if all goes well this will be my last semester and 
then I head out into "the real world".  Heh.

I just started using Kubuntu about a month ago and I am absolutely in love 
with it.  My reasons for switching to Linux (from WinXP) were manyfold; I 
think the biggest reason is my growing interest in and appreciation for open 
source.  First Firefox blew me away a few years ago, then I discovered 
OpenOffice... and then I discovered, much to my dismay, all the hoops 
Microsoft and Apple made me jump through just to put music onto my iPod... 
this has all led me to become a fledgling open source advocate and inspired 
me to give Linux a shot.  I'm quite glad I did and I'm VERY happy with my 
decision thus far.   (Not to mention using Linux has increased my geek cred 
;) What can I say, I'm quite proud of my geekiness and eager to spread my 

I consider myself to be pretty good with computers but I'm certainly not a 
programmer or anything so I've really come to appreciate the huge helpful 
Ubuntu community and I'm eager to help and contribute in anyway I can.  I'm 
not sure what I can do to contribute, so hopefully this mailing list will 
give me some ideas =)  I look forward to meeting you all.


Princess_Pikachu at hotmail.com
"Don't mind me.  I'm stuck in the darkness casting Magic Missile."

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