[UbuntuWomen] [ubuntu-marketing] UWN #51: "... and this evenincluded some wi

Sulamita Garcia sulamita at linuxchix.org.br
Tue Aug 7 18:25:20 UTC 2007


I must say I love your approach :)

and I totally agree. I told several UW that my impression from lurking is
that the project is not been listen. Everybody have suggestions or things
to say about what you should do or accept or change, but I don't think
they are listening of what you are actually saying.

It's hard to solve a problem without at least listen about it.

just my 0.02

> I've been lurking for a while, check the ubuntu-women forum every so
> often.
> The biggest problem I have with this exchange is the response from the men
> on the marketing list.  Marketing by it's very nature requires that one
> needs to be conciliatory and responsive to criticism from a representative
> sample.
> Whatever happened to:
> "You know you're right, we didn't think through how "and wives" would be
> interpreted.  Thanks for pointing this out, we'll publish a correction and
> be sure to use more inclusive verbiage in the future."
> Why does everything have to be an argument?
> The above is what INFURIATES
> Melissa and Elizabeth I recommend that you forward this exchange to Jane
> Silber at Canonical.  Or if you don't feel like it's a good idea given
> your
> involvement in the Ubuntu community I'm happy to do this as an
> outsider/potential advocate and customer.
> Jennifer
> http://buunabet.com
> On 8/7/07, Melissa Draper <melissa at meldraweb.com> wrote:
>> j olive wrote:
>> > Its too bad that political correctness is more important than
>> > information to some people. I appreciate what you are doing and thank
>> you.
>> >
>> > Jim Olive
>> This has little if any to do with 'political correctness'. I consider it
>> to be courtesy for someone to be seen as an actual contributor, rather
>> than just someone's spouse.

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