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Gotta love that LTSP deal. A milestone for Thin Client usability.

On 5/15/06, July Jiménez <jejimenez at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi!!!
> I had an experience with the installation of Edubuntu in the PCs of
> schools of rural areas in Colombia.
> Edubuntu has great advantages for the educative sector and we selected it
> because It's a "distro" readily accessible and easy use.
> Additionally, we made two days of qualification for teachers who single
> worked in MS Windows, we offered the majorities of the operating system, a
> sample of applications (they liked  gcompris a lot :) and the handling of
> some administrative tasks of graphical way.
> The professors did not show any resistance, they enjoyed much and they
> were surprised of the great number of applications available.
> I tell you about this experience because I believe that it is important
> not only to have hardware and software infrastructure, It is necessary also
> to have the indispensable tools to use the technology suitably, and this is
> possible if we made processes of qualification and support.
> Greetings a hugs,
> July Jiménez
> Grupo GNU/Linux Univesidad del Cauca
> Colombia
> http://gluc.unicauca.edu.co
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