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July Jiménez jejimenez at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 21:16:53 UTC 2006

Hi! Mi name is July, from Colombia, a very beatiful country! :)
I'm part of the group GNU/Linux of Cauca University (GLUC) [1], I'm
finishing my studies of software engineering.
I'm a GNU/Linux user 3 years ago, I have been using Debian, but my main area
of interest is the insertion of ICT in the education, I love to work with
children and to envolve to me in the use that they give the technology, it
is therefore that it does some time I have come using Edubuntu, and I like
it a lot.
I have had some experiences of implementation of this operating system that
I hope to share with you.

[1] http://gluc.unicauca.edu.co

Initially, I'd like to contribute with translations and offering to
contributions in the usability area from the point of view "Human  Computer
I think that it's everything so far.

Greetings and hugs,

July Jiménez
Programa Ingeniería de Sistemas
Grupo GNU/Linux Universidad del Cauca
Popayán, Colombia
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