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|| vid || svaksha at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 17:32:11 UTC 2006

Hello Folks !

Canonical has registered three TLD's for Ubuntu-Women viz.
ubuntu-women.(com|net|org).... :-).

Now, UW needs people interested in helping out with tasks and building
the ubuntu-women.org website. This is our space so the work we put it
will reflect our inherent spirit and our community at large. Some
ideas to begin with :

1. UW Insignia /Logo
Do we have any artists/designers amongst us ? How would you like to
design a logo for UW that will represent women from all around the
world. I would have loved to contribute but Gimp is currently not for
me (still prefer pencil/pen/brush & paper).

2. Site contents
What should the site contain?  The current wiki page for UW has some
information with a goal statement, links to other pages and external
links to linuxchix.org, debian, Gnome. Would someone be willing to
rewrite it (Clytie, had offered to include some translation details
earlier). It should also be setup in a manner that can facilitate
translations into other languages.

Should we
  - list all the people (especially women) Volunteers/contributors
names, blogs, whatever on the site. (Sulamita, I heard you :-))
  - keep the main pages static with links to the Ubuntu wiki for other
relevant stuff (gets my vote) or retain the current wiki editable via
Launchpad system? or something else ....?
  - have articles written/contributed to by women and maintained by
them or other docs (which should we include that are not already
integrated with Ubuntu?)
  - have links to other Ubuntu information sources (art, translation,
docs team, devel, motu and general things to get new people started
without replicating existing resources)
  - have an announce/News page for fresh projects and to share
information about what is happening in Ubuntu lists/planet/IRC (Fridge
exists, but it does not incorporate the nitty-gritty from various
lists and probably isn't meant to...)
 - keep a TO-DO page with information about how and where people can
submit their ideas.
 - keep a chapters page : for country-specific announcements,
meetings, etc.. around the world.

3. Technical
Henrik is handling the web-server aspects already and will help us
with server space, which may not be much to begin with so let's see
how things work out. We also need more information about the current
CMS (plone + moinmoin?) being used and how do we seamlessly integrate
our requirements within this existing system.
Do we need :

- SSH login accounts (if yes, we need to identify volunteers actually
working who can  be given access)

4. Web design
Mainly our site should be consistent with the rest of the Ubuntu world
and yet....
  - be simple, visually appealing (colours, asthetics, the Human theme, etc..)
 - be accessibility compliant (^pokes Henrik :-))
 - be standards compliant across all browsers.

5. <add your idea>

I've left much stuff out so feel free to suggest your ideas and get
involved in designing the look, feel and artwork for the UW planet as
its great fun to learn new stuff together and ... no, its *not*
restricted to women volunteers only.  Some of you may be interested in
a single task like logo art, designing, HTML or translating which is
just fine. Take your pick from the many possibilities and we can help
you find your creative space.

I can contribute some programming, and general tech skills and am
volunteering to coordinate with project management tasks and hash out
plans with volunteers and others willing to help with this.

We can discuss/plan here and later summarize it to the UW/Ideas wiki
page so please maintain the thread/conversation to facilitate the
documentation process.

All constructive ideas are welcome always :) so join in !

Thanks ,
|| vid ||

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